Wellness Wednesday! Attention for change

​Good morning ♡ 

Today feels like Spring doesn’t it? I like the feeling of crisp morning air that isn’t cutting through my jacket with icicles lol. Thankfully we are here another day, another Wellness Wednesday. As we move through this week, let’s make a point to keep negative energies from snowballing into inner discord & outer rages. Anything that gives much turmoil is asking for attention to change.

For me personally, I am always trying to find ways to react differently to situations that pop up & bother me. Sometimes it’s a similar experience, & I ask, “why does this keep on happening?” Putting myself into a calm state by closing my eyes & taking a deep breath, I remember that everything that is brought to you time & time again is asking for you attention to change it for the better, to do something different with it. With that, I always find that solutions will start rushing to my mind & the annoyance begins to dissipate.

If today you find that you are feeling easily annoyed or vexed, take a deep breath before responding to the trigger. Give yourself the chance to react in a different way than you’re used to, & feel the difference it makes in your Spirit. You will feel more control over how you react as you will put yourself into proactive mode, giving yourself a chance to actually resolve what is troubling you & move forward in Peace.

Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

“All negative energy is looking for resolution.”- Adyashanti


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