Terrific Tuesday: Post-Turkey-Day!

​Good morning ♡

Welcome back after this long weekend 🙂 I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday with family & friends. For those who worked yesterday, I hope that your day was productive (& you were able to get some good eats 😉 ). In follow up to the Thanksgiving holiday,  what are you grateful for? What do you miss that maybe you took for granted? What do you have that you couldn’t do without that you have the utmost gratitude for? What does it mean to be content rather than complacent? Many times, we interchange the meaning of contentment with that of complacency.  To be complacent is to be stagnant & feel as though there is nothing left to learn or grow into. There is no room for more goal settings as you are comfortable where you are & there is nothing more to gain &as such no room for gratitude. With contentment, we are satisfied & grateful that we have grown into the place where we are, however, we are setting new goals & striving to find ways to grow  further to meet them. In this place, we find much gratitude.  We find more & more things to be thankful for because without the past & present  circumstances that brought us to our current place in life, we wouldn’t be constructing new & improved ways to grow, making room to further enhance where you’re at. And in that, there is always room to give thanks 🙂 

So it’s not only on Thanksgiving Day that should we remember what it is that we have, but rather each & every day. The things we take for granted are often times that things we need most (i.e. fresh air, family, etc). Each day we are living, we should always remember to give thanks for our lives & the things (material & especially non-material) that bring us joy, comfort, love, Peace, & so on. Even the hard times give us something to be grateful for, as we draw on strengths we never knew we had to make it through to another day. 

Today, & everyday, I am grateful for the love of family & friends who have been with me & struck by me when the times were hitting hard & celebrated with me in good times. I am grateful for the unconditional love of my daughter,  as she reminds me that no matter what, forgiveness & a new day greeted with a smile are the simple yet profound ways in which inner Peace can be relocated. These & much more am I grateful for. 

So today, please carry with you an auora of gratitude, & feel the Peacefulness flow through you & into others.

Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”-Epicurus


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