Feel Free Friday! 

​Good morning ♡

It’s another Feel Free Friday! I hope everyone had a good week 🙂 Sometimes, we expect the worst from waiting. But what if we let go of the anxiety of wait & embrace the space in-between our starting point & goal, we learn how to be okay with where we are as there is always room for growth. It is these spaces that bring us some of the greatest lessons & rewards 🙂

Today’s story comes from an interaction I had with a clerk at the book store a couple weeks ago. Her pleasant attitude definitely made the wait easier & I even got more than what I expected in the end.
A sleepy Sunday afternoon, beautiful clear blue sky, sun shining brightly, the day felt good. On this gorgeous day, I met a lovely woman who was so kind, so helpful,  & extremely pheasant. As a Black woman, walking into a store comes with its own complexities.  Clerks follow you around, ask you if you need help a thousand & one times, but this lady, she was just so kind. She didn’t do anything extraordinary, but just her demeanor, helping me with what I needed, the use of manners & cordialness. The vibes I felt from her were so sweet, I had to compliment her. What stood out for me most in reflection of this experience was how her kindness made it so much easier to wait. There were a couple of things she had to check for me & asked me, “Do you mind waiting while I….?” No problem! I looked at some other books & items & patiently waited until she came back. All in all her customer service skills were on point. And I told her so. She thanked me graciously & said, “I am almost want to cry, that was so nice to hear that; but I’m too sensitive so don’t mind me.” “We are not too sensitive,” I told her, “it’s okay that we just feel deeply.” She smiled & thanked me again. As I left the store, I thought about how we never know what a person is really going through inside. A simple smile & kind word can really do wonders to lift someone’s soul. Also, the lesson of patience was evident, as her kindness & courteous manner made the wait that much easier & pleasant. I even got more than what I expected (3 for 1 book deal!). Good things come to those who wait, productively 🙂
I hope that this week’s theme of Patience helped someone really examine their own patience practices & apply more effective ways to exercise it (I know I did; the deep breathing is wonderful!). This weekend, please continue to practice & watch as you feel less anxiety & more Peace. Enjoy the weekend & see you next week. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡☆

“Our patience will achieve more than our force.”- Edmund Burke


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  1. What a wonderful story of the rewards and connections due to patience. I really need to take a page from this story as one of my weaknesses is having patience. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in rushing around and trying to hurry other people along to your frazzled schedule.

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