Greet the day!

FB_IMG_1471826271084Good afternoon ♡

Monday has arrived & the weekly grind begins again. What are you grateful for this beautiful day? Think of at least one thing you are grateful for & give thanks for it. It could be anything and the more you apply gratitude in your daily life, the more things you find to be grateful for. On Sunday, I held my very first full workshop for The Peaceful Project for the Caribbean Women’s Society (thanks again Camille!). The theme of the workshop was Greet the Day, shining light on the importance of starting each day in a positive way. After discussing the importance of starting the day off with gratitude & a positive thought, the activity I led was the creation of the Positive Box (I’ve posted a description of this before but a refresher is always good 🙂 ). We each decorated and filled a small box with words and pictures that inspire us to feel Peace, positivity, & empowerment, & each morning with our eyes closed, we choose from the box to inspire us the day. It was great! It moved me to see everyone working to make their box unique & personalized. Some put words in the outside as a way to inspire them even before opening the box to choose a word to inspire them for the day. Some used pictures and inspiring phrases to label their box. We then went around the tables for each person to pick a feature or word from their box & explain what it means to them. The responses and outcomes were incredible! Each woman had an amazing story to share as to why they loved the box, what the words and pictures meant for them, & how they would doing this at home with their families. The Peaceful Project was greatly received & I am so thankful that my vision is coming through, for the empowerment & upliftment of others for the sake of regaining & maintaining Inner Peace. I am grateful for Camille Kerr for believing in my vision& has provided me a space to share freely with others in person about The Peaceful Project, helping me on my journey to making this Project more tangible & accessible. I am grateful for the w women I met & participated in the activity, & most of all I am grateful for the Positive energy & love that filled that room yesterday, as sisterhood bonds were formed & further developed. I have even been asked to do more workshops with other organizations (more to come). To top off my day, I grinned from ear to ear as my daughter’s eyes lit up when she asked me about how the workshop went & I told her it was a success. I am so thankful for my considerate & loving child, who reminds me each day the importance of compassion & shows me unconditional love.

I hope you all had good weekends too, & whatever it is that happened, that you are able to find something positive to be grateful for. In order for us to have more good things come into our lives, we must first be grateful for the good that is already present. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

“For this I am so grateful! And so it is!” – Iyanla Vanzant


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