Sun is shining!

Good afternoon ♡

What a sunrise this morning 🙂 The sun is shining today so brightly & still there is a nice breeze to greet us. Give thanks for the simple yet beautiful things. In the blink of an eye they may either dispappear or change & you may not recongize it the same anymore. So enjoy the present moment, as Monday meets us again, & live for today, believing that tomorrow will be another new day to find something to be joyous about, no matter how things may seem.

What inspired me to write today’s post was sitting on the GO train, on my way to work, & looking out the window at the beautful sun, shining through the wispy clouds in a bright blue sky. Underath was open land, green & lush. I found myself silently wishing I could really capture this moment, but as the train continued to move the scene was quickly swallowed up by big buildings and industrial materials. It got me thinking about yhe importance of just enjoying what is & not getting distracted by anything else. There may be clouds innthe way of your sunshine, setbacks on your path to success, turbulence on your journey for Peace, but the sun still shines behind all of that. Today, I encourage you to never give up, to akways stick it out for the storms to pass. One day the clouds will move, as the winds of change move around us, & you see the brightness again. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆


“The clouds may be in the way, but the sun still shines no matter what.”- LadyDee





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