Don’t forget to smile :-)

Good morning ♡

As the weekend has rolled around again, give thanks that we have made it through to see another one. My encouragement for you all today on how to keep your Peace is to laugh at the funny things without hesitation, do something kind for someone else, & always remember to give Love, to you & to others (those you know & even those you don’t).

Yesterday while at the hospital with my daughter for her check up, as simple as the appointment was, as a parent you get anxiety about what may or may not be happening. We feel a fear that thigns may be more serious than they are, especially when you have to go to the hospital. But in my anxiety, my daughter was smiling & joking, laughing & finding ways to play. Not much of that is new as she always makes an attempt to smile if something is troubling her. Plus, I made a point to make her laugh, doing funny faces & remindig bher of funny moments, & of course tickle fights (she loves a good tickle fight:-) ). All this brought to mind how to approach the tougher times in life.

A lot of times we miss out on enjoying the small but beautiful moments in life because we are stuck in the frustrations of yesterday and even the present. Then we go on to blame ourselves or others for what we are experiencing. They key is not to blame yourself or others(as much as either of you may in fact be reaponsible for what is taking place), but rather how you move forward in what you feel. Instead of feeding the negative feelings with negative words or actions, what if we took a step back & just observed the bigger picture? What if we looked at Life for the lessons we are being taught & for the good that happens in everything? Today,take a break from looking at the things in life that aren’t going as you planned or hoped, & focus on the flow of your Life, moment to moment, choosing to see the good that is there. If you focus your energies there,the good will show itself to you & your experience will change for the better. It can be tough work but you can do it, one step, one moment, one laugh, one love, at a time. Have a great weekend everyone ♡ Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆ Feel Free to share some good moments of yours in the comments that helped you see things in your Life in a positive light 😊

““Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene




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