A New Chapter

Good morning ♡

When you’re down in the dumps about things not going as planned in life, replaying old choices & decisions in your mind, relving past experiences, that’s the time when you have to tell yourself a new story about yourself. Start a new chapter. Some situations may not be favourable, someone may have done you wrong, you may still be carrying around hurts & pains from your childhood. Whatever it is, when you feel the urge to stew in your stressed out & frustrated juices, take a deep breath & put your focus on something more productive. Think about what makes you happy & brings you joy. Put your energies into a long overdue project that you haven’t spent time with in a while, or maybe it’s something new you want to try. All that other stuff that you can’t do anything about now is just keeping you back from living & enjoying ypur life. Sometimes you just have to accept an apology that never came & move on. There comes a time where you have to remember your worth & not let past decisions, situations, hurts & dischords define you. Other people’s actions don’t define your own, yours do. So let go of the burdens of guilt & shame, remember who your are & live in that truth. It will take some time so be patient with yourself. Just know that this process is to prepare you for what’s coming next in your life. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

“Sometimes you have to let go of the life you planned to prepare yourself for the life that’s waiting for you….”-Joseph Campbell



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