New day, new start!

Good afternoon ♡

How we greet the day helps set the tone for the rest of it. This past Sunday morning started off slow, thankfully, as I had some time to sleep in. My daughter woke me up, not to say the usual, “I’m hungry, Momma,” or “Mom, where are we going today,” while peeling my eyes open. Nope, my daughter leaned in nice & close, & whispered, “Momma, I love you, & you know what? Nothing will ever chnage that.” I smiled so broad when she said that and pulled her in for a real close snuggle. I almost cried. Needless to say, anything that wanted to bring me down dwindled away in the light of that Love & it was a great day.

The importance of how we start our mornings really helps to determine how we will feel for the rest of the day. A very important aspect to remember in how our day goes is to look to the Good. Focus on what is going well & not so much on what isn’t. When we do that, we invite more Good into our space & into our lives. It can be difficult, especially when things seem to be going wrong in many areas. But it’s worth it. Even the smallest change of thought can open you up to more possibilities of more Positivity. Try it today, the rest of this weekend, & everyday, & look for Good in everything. It’s there. And like my daughter’s simple words, the smallest things can be the most powerful in making a down time feel upful. Start your days with hope that your silver lining will be revealed. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆



“I embrace the newness of this day.”- Deepak Chopra


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