Self care in tumultuous times….

Good morning ♡

With all the craziness happening with the police in the U.S. & our young Black men these last few days, it has been hard to write. Needless to say, emotions are flaring & the way things continue to unfold, they are more than likely to conitnue to escalate. Today, I feel a bit clearer and calmer to be able to write. How does one find a sense of Peace in the midst of this? How can we provide support for our community that is suffering through grief, anguish, & frustration? As some of us may be on the front lines at protests or providing support in other ways, we all need a moment to recollect ourselves to offer our best selves, for ourselves & families, & to our community. Here are some ways to balance your innerself & find ways to increase the Peace:

1.Take sometime to remove yourself from watching the news & take the time to get into a good book. Focussing your mind on

2.Write in your journal & express your feelings on paper. Doing so, you can read it back to yourself & see from another perspective how you feel & decide how want to act.

3. Have a hot soak in the tub if you can. Let the warm water soothe you &bring you closer to a sense of calm,helping you to thinking &see things clearer.

4.Take a break from the traumatizing scenes & conversations for a few minutes & talk about something positive.

5.Make time to take a walk & surround yourself in nature (the warm weather is here & it’s so inviting).

6.Spend some time with loved ones & friends doing something that will balance the energy to avoid being overwhelmed by the sadness and grief.

7. Finding out how you can contribute to assist those in need right now is another way you can help balance out your emotions &channel them in a useful way. Find out how you can donate your time or resources, or funds if you can, to the Cause. It can bring some satisfaction to know that you’re actively doing something to help those in need & contributing to the community.

The importance of being positive is easily lost in times like these, but it is important nonetheless.  Whatever you choose to do, do it in Love. With all the hatred, racist politics & comments going around, a little Love from each of us goes a long way. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆




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