☆☆☆I am Light☆☆☆

Good morning ♡

The ebbs & flows of life can have us feeling like two sides of the same coin, don’t they? One day, the sun is shining & your future looks so bright. The next, the rain clouds are so dark, you can literally feel the tornado brewing in your soul. Life’s troubles tend to make us feel as though Almighty has forgotten us. That negative voice in our head starts messing with us, telling us that we are not Love, that we are not Peace, that what we have done in the past is so terrible that we can never be forgiven, that it’s a waste of time to strive for more & better within yourself & with others. But as we were created to live, we live. Until the day comes where we transition into our other lives, we live. Our light shines despite the clouds that try to overshadow us. Ever notice how a tree tends to bow it’s branches when the clouds show up, but lifts all its branches when the warm returns? Like the trees, so are we. Deep within, we have that Light, that warmth, that Peace that gives us hope, that Almighty hasn’t left us but has always been right there on the inside. How do we activate this light, you ask? Put on your happy face & smile like you have no worries. Trust me, I know that even smiling through the pain will make tears fall like rain. I’ve been there, & sometimes I find myself there from time to time. By putting my phyiscial in a position to show my light, by walking in confidence, I reflect that Peace that is in my heart & soul, pushing it through & creating that vibration of Peace everywhere I go & with everyone I meet. Even if you want to break down & scream, do so if you have to, & then pick up the pieces & face towards the sunshinie 🙂 Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆


” After every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution, and the soul’s indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer.”- William R. Alger


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