Good afternoon ♡

I hope everyone had a great weekend & enjoyed Father’s Day 🙂

Some of my fondest Daddy memories stem from the smallest,most every day things. As a kindergartner, I remember that my pick up time had come when the sound of my dad’s cowboy boots could be heard click-clocking down the hall. I’d run to the doors and run into his arms screaming, “Daddy!!!!” He would chuckle, smile big & wide, scoop me up in his arms & say, “Danielle D!” say, & all my 4 & 5yr old kid troubles of the day seemed like nothing anymore. He’d always have a snack for me & we would chat about our day on the ride home. The exchange seems so small now, & this among many other memories stay with me to this day, but it made a lasting impression with me about much the little things mean.  Now, I watch my daughter do it: “Grandpa!!!” & he says the same thing he would say to me: “Nia!!!” I watch as her face lights up when she sees her daddy as well, that look of unconditional love, that daddy is the best man in the world.

As girls, we look to our dads to show us how to be treated by other men. We not only watch how they are with us, we also observe how they are with our mothers, aunties, grandmothers, etc. We take that into our adult lives & hope that the good we saw in out daddy then, is the good we consciously & subconsciously see in the men who love us in adulthood. We may have uncles & other male figures in our lives, but there is something about Daddy that sets the bar for our expectations & requirements. As a woman, I can’t comment too much on how men look to their fathers, but I can definitely say, that the same way women look at their fathers to teach them how men treat a lady & what a man is like, is the same way boys look to their fathers, to teach them how to be men, how to love & protect your family look out for your siblings & friends, how to love their women. That being said,the role of the father is just as important as the role of the mother, that his consistent presence & direction provides the balance needed to go through life with a stability that doesn’t leave one questioning parts of who they are.

Fathers, we need you. Fathers, we love you. Have a blessed day my loves! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆


“A son’s first hero…a daughter’s first love.”- anonymous


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