♡♡♡Love is the remedy♡♡♡

Good morning ♡

Tuesday Talks:

The tragedies of this weekend where more than 50 people lost their lives & even more injured, sparks many questions about what goes through the minds of those who perpetrate these crimes. What makes someone so angry & full of hate that they would take it upon themselves to take the life another? On a deeper level, what is that person missing in their own life?

The importance of living with a daily spiritual practice is taken for granted. We know that our Creator is everywhere, but we tend to forget that we need to stay connected. But prayer, going to church (if that’s what you do), & other similar ways are not the only way to keep that connection. They are very important, & please don’t get me wrong now. I believe that having a solid prayer practice,as well as meeting with others who share some of the same Spiritual values as you (not nessecarily in a traditional church setting, but even a simple gathering & meeting od the minds, does wonders for the Spirit), meditation, & learning other positive ways to stay connected to Spirit. But let us not forget spreading that around to those we encounter on the daily. We get stressed, we get lost in our own problems, but as part of the Human family, we also need to remember that others may have it worse. Someone may have just lost a loved one as those in Orlando did on Saturday night, or may have been served an eviction notice, lost their job….we don’t know. So spread some Peace. Share a smile. Pay for someone’s coffee behind you in line if you can. Hold the door instead of rushing off to your destination. It’s the little things that mean so much & can make the day for another person. Sometimes it can save someone from possibly ending their life, thinking thay no one cares, but your smile or simple compliment made them reconsider.

The World needs Love. The more of it we give,the more it we will receive. My prayers are with those who lost their lives recently, in Orlando & around the World, & that somehow, a difference be made to spread Love & not hate. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

“Love is the cure, yes, love is the remedy”- Shi Wisdom



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