See the Light

Good morning ♡

A lot of times, it’s when we reach a certain level of pain, wounded-ness, despair, & feeeling fed up, thay we truly begin looking for answers. There may be something you’re going through or have gone through & you haven’t fully healed yet. The wounds are still visible to you & hurt like heck. It’s during these times that we truly begin to seek ways to uplift ourselves. We go in search of a better way to deal with what troubles us. Sometimes, the right things find us. All in all, during the times of our hurt & sadness is when we begin to feel & see the light of Love shining from within that has been with us all along. If you remember nothing else, remember this: a wound that is healing turns to a scab, which gets cracked & letting in light, & in its own time, it falls off, revealing new skin underneath. This new skin is ready to weather any storm, but is still fresh and requires tender care to toughen up and join the rest of the experienced skin cells. Take that as part of your lessons in life, that pain may come but it doesn’t last. If we let it heal & let the Love light shine in, we can become more ready to face the World we live in, one day a time. Love yourself& be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

“The wound is the place where light enters”-Rumi



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