The Judge & The Jury

Good morning ♡

Sometimes we are our worst critics. We judge ourselves & our actions so harshly that we miss the lesson we are meant to learn from the experience. In my day to day readings, I recently came across the concept if the Negative Ego. The Negative Ego replays the negative self judgements we have of ourselves, some the we are aware of & others we have hidden deep within that we may have even forgot they exist. This can cause us to block out the importnat messages of Peace with who are & the decisions we make, of knowing that what we do or not do,say or not say, is a way to help us learn more about who we truly are & to embrace that. How many of us can relate to this: comparing ourselves to others &trying to live up to someone else’s standards of how they live or how they think we should live? How many if us can relate to setting unrealistic goals for yourself & then beating yourself up when you don’t totally follow through? I know I can totally relate to both, & reading up on the Negative Ego is helping me to understand that those negative self talks & harsh judgements are doing nothing but hold me back from learning about the REAL me. Reflecting on our words & actions are important for development of self. We look back on things in attempts to understand why. Guilt & shame tend to try & poke their heads in. Sometimes we let them in, wollowing with them, thinking less & less of oursleves. But when we remember that we are human, bound to make mistakes, it’s the first step in self Forgiveness, leading us to move on in a clearer direction & path. There’s no need for negative self talk like “I’m so stupid,” “Why did I do that? ” “They are going to think I’m…..” & so on & so on. We can choose to think & feel more positive, telling ourslevs that we are “worthy”, that we are “beautiful “, that we will go through rough patches but they will turn around for the better & we will be okay. It is the ebb & flow of Life. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

“I do not fix my problems. I fix my thinking.  Then problems fix themselves.”- Louise Hay



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