☆The Inauguration ☆

Good afternoon ♡

Poetry is my favourite go-to when I want to inspire more creativity in myself. It helps me to express what I’m feeling or thinking about in a way that gets my mental wheels turning. And it feels good! I hope you enjoy this poem I wrote, The Inauguration, & that it inspires you in some way to reach towards your highest self too 🙂 Peace & Love ♡ ☆

The Inauguration
It may not always sit straight, primped, & proper
But my Crown will always be mine
Will always stay perched as it should
For Royalty becomes me
For now I remember the Queen inside
The Queen I’ve always been
For now I hear her voice at all times
Even when outside forces try to make me forget it
Even when tears may fall & my lioness-like roaring confidence
Is the sound of a cat’s meow
I will always remember.

Even in the rumble of the thunderous other voices
Trying to tell me that my beauty is not beautiful
That my strength lies not within,
Not in my natural curves
Nor in my glowing smile
Or radiant Soul
Not in my intelligence
Or undying thirst for knowledge
Not in my perfect imperfections
In the stretch marks that symbolize the journey of Life that has come through me
Or the deep golden brown hues of the windows to my Soul
That I need not don my own Crown of individuality
And should conform to the standards of the hour
As they change every day

But I will always remember,
My Crown of ancestoral strength & perseverance
That continously flows through me
That pushes me to be my best self
That was placed upon my tresses as a symbol of regality
I will never take it off
I will not let it fall
Because even when I don’t see it
I can always feel it
Steady and perfectly set right where it should be
Reminding me of my Royalty,
As it has always been.



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