Here & Now

Good morning ♡

Today’s morning daily is to encourage you to move forward positively. Each day we wake is a time to do better than the day before. Human as we are, we often tend to live in yesteryear or in tomorrow, waiting for something to happen that we think will make us reach our goal. How often have we said to ourselves, “When I get this job then I’ll feel complete,” or “if I get this car or this amount of money saved then I will be okay.” But what about right now? What about this moment? We weren’t created to dwell in the past or to live in wait for something better. Everything we need is right here, right now. We may need to do some work to recongize that, whether it be through prayer, writing, venting, soul searching, etc, but each day we are given an opportunity to make it work. The breath of life reminds of that. Take a deep one. Right now. Feel Life. We are always growing, always learning, always on the path of progression, we just have to pay attention to what is right on front of us. On that note, make the best of the moment right now. Forgive yourself for past mistakes & unfavorable choices, as we are human & this will happen, & move forward in Love for Self. When we do that, we give honor & gratitude to our Creator & can begin to see a way where we once thought there was none. Have a blessed day my loves ♡ Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆



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