☆The Balance☆

Good morning ♡

It may be gloomy out today but the warm weather is still here 🙂 Yay! This is a nice balance, where we have some rain & some warmth both at the same time. If we take some time to really observe Mother Nature, we can see how the flow of Life is shown to us. We have days of warmth, sunshine, heat, & we thrive out in the open. Flowers & vegetation bloom & blossom, giving us refreshing nourishment, brightening our days & coolingnour nights. On other days we have rain, storms, clouds, & cold,forcing us indoors, seeking wamrth & comfort until we can get back out to thrive again in the warmth. Now, take a moment to let that sink in. Think about what you do when you are inside. You prepare. You stock up. You get yourself ready for whaen it’s time to come out again. As Summer is poking her head out (finally), the time is here to take what you have prepared on the inside & give it light! The seasons give us those clues, that there will be a time of quiet hibernation, &then, the time to shine! This is the balance of Life, where sometimes we are up & out & other times we are down & in. We need both to help us learn &see what we need to see, to grow how we need to grow. I am definitely going to take advantage of this signal to make even more moves towards the goals I have been preparing for (stay tuned!). What have you been working on that is almost ready to make it’s debut? Even if it still needs work, whether it’s your body, a project, something at work or in your family life, the time will come when the season will come to bring it forth. Believe it! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆



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