What’s in your rearview?

Good morning ♡

Today’s Feel Free Friday moment: What’s in your rearview?

So, I know many of us get inspiration from day to day happeneings. Sometimes it can be from a grandiose experience or sometimes it’s from a small everyday activity that you never really gave much attention to. The other afternoon while driving, I was in conversation with Spirit (I tend to do this alot out loud while driving alone) & I kept hearing, “Just ask for what you need; ask and you will receive it.” In life, we come across ‘obstacles’ that seem like permanent blocks in our way. At times I feel blocked by anxiety or fear that the things I am working towards in my life may not come to fruition. In my younger years, fear would keep me from making certain moves. As I have grown, it doesn’t hinder me in that way anymore, but it may slow my process down, have me second guessing things. I kmow many of us have been there or may still be there. This was my prayer, that whatever it is that’s blocking me that it be moved so that I can see clearly in front of me. At the time, I was driving behind a big truck. As the words left my lips, the truck changed lanes and switched to driving behind me. In front of me was clear road, & in my Spirit I heard, “Sometimes what we think is so big, seemingly unlikely to be moved & put behind us, are the things we don’t ask for but Almighty can do. Don’t be afraid. Trust & you will see for yourself.” Joy & Love enveloped me from the inside out & I couldn’t stop smiling. I felt a deep sense of relief that fear or anxiety is no longer amd hinderance for me. Then I looked in the rearview &the truck looked so small even though it wasn’t that far behind. Whatever it is that you seek, you need, bring that to the Almighty, put it out into the Universe in love & positvity, & trust that what you give is what you get. You may not see the change instantly, but hold on, it will happen. It can get hard, & discouragement will try to settle in. Just keep your eyes on the road as cars do change lanes. Have a great & safe weekend! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆



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