Peace in the storm


Good morning ♡

Each morning, I take a word out of my Positive Box (or a few depending on how Spirit leads me), & keep that word close to my thoughts all day, as a way to keep me in a place of peace & positivity for the day. Today’s words were “Today will be a good day regardless of how others behave,” & “Meditation. ” Knowingly & unknowingly, we tend to allow the way others feel & interact with us determine how we feel about our situations or even ourselves. Today’s words helped bring that to my forefront to remember to live in Peace with myself regardless of others & their intentions or emotions that may not be of benefit for me. In that, Meditation is sooooo crucial for me to obtain that stillness when my waves of emotions want to stir & splash in my Spirit. Last night I worked on that stillness after studying & note making for my upcoming assignment & Workshops, feeling anxiety trying to keep me in a state of worry & fear, so Meditation was very fitting as well in this way, to remind me to remember & feel that stillness. I encourage you as well, that whatever it is that plagues you, to bring yourself to that stillness and let your inner Peace lead you. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

“I let negativity & darkness dissolve in my light.”-Deepak Chopra 



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