The Test of Time

Good morning♡

Ever notice how when you set your mind to not do something, you are confronted with that exact thing? “I will not eat sweets today!” & the first thing you encounter on your way to work or school or wherever, is the smell of fresh baked cookies. Or my favorite one, saying my morning prayers & asking for divine patience, & right as the words leave my Spirit or mouth, somehow I end up behind a school bus when I’m trying to get to the train station in time to get parking. Grrr! Tests of time I call them. The things we pray for, the things we ask Almighty to help us avoid or achieve, are the same things we are tested with. I truly believe it is to see how we respond to what we aren’t always aware of, so that we can prepare ourselves for the things we are looking for. Sometimes, we get many tests! Sometimes it’s the same or similar tests, but ultimately it is for the same reason: to work your way towards the better you! Work through the tests & live to the fullest! We may not always get it right but show your work! There’s always credit in that 🙂 Knowledge is infinite, so it will infinitely be available to us. We just have to look & be patient. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

Activity: Pay close attention today for signs that what you’ve been praying about or desiring in your heart is soon to appear in your life. Are you needing love? Look for the good in your life & you will see you always had love. Asking for patience like me? We always had it, we just need to exercise it when confronted with situations that would cause us to feel impatient. Whatever it is, look for ways to put to work the talents you have so that when the time comes you can do your best & pass with flying colors!

Quote: “When you are going through difficulty & wonder where God is, remember the teacher is always quiet during the test.” – anonymous

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