When you just smile…

Good morning ♡

Marvelous Mondays! How we greet the day usually sets the tone for the rest of it. Mondays sure can be tough can’t they? “I just wanna sleep in! Okay, 5 more minutes….”turns into “Oh no, I’m late! ” I, too, am guilty of this from time to time (& not only on Mondays). A good way to get through that, aside from getting to bed at a decent hour as regular as possible, is to smile! You use less muscles to smile & the action puts the positive thought into motion. You can’t help but think good & not “Oh crap,” thoughts. Try it! Smile a while & give thanks! Today is a new day! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

Activity: Smile throughout the day. Challenge yourself to smile (inwardly & outwardly) through stressful situations, annoyances, anything that presents as a test to positive energies. Proactivley approach the day & give yourself a chance to react in a more positive way. And of course, pray & give thanks because whatever it is, each day is moment by moment & tomorrow is a new day ♡☆♡☆

Quote: “Peace begins with a smile.”-Mother Teresa

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