The Peace(ful) Project Ritual Box

Good night ♡

After a long & busy week one of the first things you want to do is relax. If you don’t already have ways to achieve this fully, it can be difficult to find something that is affordable that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Enter in the Peace(ful) Project Ritual Box.  I created a box full of natural handmade scrubs & candles, & bath salts, that implore you to make your peaceful journey that much more tangible. Below are the steps for the Love Yourself Box:

This ritual has 6 steps (bathtub & shower instructions):

Bath tub instructions:

1. Fill your tub with water for a bath, adding the bath salts as the water fills the tub.

2. In the meantime, light your candle and select some music from your favourite playlist to set the mood of relaxation (i.e. jazz, neo soul, spoken word, meditation music, etc).

3. Slide into the tub, close your eyes, & do nothing. Let you body soak in the salts. Envision all the tension rising out of your muscles & let your body relax. Let the stresses of the day float away & have your thoughts rest on ways that you love yourself, inside & out.

4. Once you feel yourself slowing down & more relaxed, take to the scrub. As you apply it, do it with deliberation. While you scrub, think about how much you love each inch of your body. Even if you don’t like a roll or dimple or stretch mark, show it some love while you symbolically scrub away any stress or tension remainig from the day, rubbing in Love in it’s place (warning: this process may make you very emotional; just let it flow!)

5. Once you’ve scrubbed all over your body, sink back into the water & let it wash away any left over stress while replenishing your skin & Spirit. Stay for as long as you feel you need to.

6. When you’re ready to get out the tub, do so carefully to avoid slipping due to the oils in the scrub. Pat dry & that’s it! No lotion required as the oils in the scrub will keep your skin moisturized & smooth for hours afterward. Wrap up this ritual by looking in your eyes in the mirror & telling yourself one thing you love about you.

And that’s it! The best time to do this ritual is on a Sunday evening before working on a Monday morning, but you can do it any day you feel the need to wash away the stress & embrace the Love you have within. Carry your Love Yourself thoughts with you throughout the week when trials try to steal your joy or situations make you feel down. Remember to love yourself through it all.

*Shower instructions are the same as the bathtub instructions minus the use of the bath salts*

For more details on other ritual boxes (i.e. Mother’s Day Box, Me Time Box, Couples’ Time box, etc) email me at for more info on what’s included, prices, how to place your orders, & delvery details. Peace & Love ♡ ☆
“Speak to yourself in love today, & give yourself the positive vibrations to lead you to a Peaceful state within yourself. “I am worthy,” “I am beauty,” “I am peace,” etc. Fill yourself with love and fulfillment and walk in the confidence that you are whole. Even when we make mistakes, forgive yourself and move forward in love to do better the next time, as this is part of your growth as well.”-LadyDee

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