Making History

Good morning ♡

Monday has arrived! Welcome welcome! I hope we all had good weekends whether we worked or not. As today also marks the last day of Black History month, I would like to take the time to honor the history making moves of a group of women I am so happy to be associated with: Caribbean Women’s Society ! This weekend, we created waves in our community, holding a cultural show & expo that brought many community businesses & programs together. It was a beautiful display of our many talents, knowlegdes, & businesses, educating each other & other community members on the presence of Caribbean peoples in the community. And the vibes were all love. We embraced each other & made many connections with each other that we may not have made had we not met in that setting. To top it off, we had some wonderful entertainment as well as activities for the kiddies that kept them occupied & having fun 🙂 I feel very blessed to have been there in support of these lovely ladies as well giving out my messages of positivity & Love. Bless up Camille, founder of this amazing society, & all the members & volunteers that are apart of this Movement! “We are here, we are accomplished, we are united!” This is only the beginning…..Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

Activity: This week, take some time to research some social efforts going on in your community that are involved in uplifting each other, & empower each other in unity. Find ways that you may be able to contribute or volunteer or even donate in some way that can help. I understand that it may not be possible to commit to anything permanent or long term but a little goes a long way♡

Quote: “We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.”- Cesar Chavez



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