Inner Peace♡☆

Good morning ♡

Another beautiful Monday morning has greeted us (even if it is -2 degree weather), we give thanks for being alive & healthy to see it. As the 4th week of Black History month is upon us, today, I will pay homage to a well known author, speaker, spiritual leader & advisor, Ms. Iyanla Vanzant. From humble beginnings with a rough & abusive childhood to abusive relationships & single motherhood, to becoming a lawyer, motivational speaker, life coach, Yoruba priestess, & more, she is an inspiration to both men & women that you can be what you want to be, when become who you need to be. She is a huge inspiration to me & many others that I know, that as a Black woman who fit almost every negative stereotype society holds against us, we can become our highest selves if we make right with ourselves. Once we do that, we can not only become our truest selves but also inspire others to do the same. What we have inside reflects outward; why not make that reflection a positive one & let it spread to everyone we meet. Thank you Iyanla for not only showing us that we can do this but also sharing the tools to assist on the path to get there. Happy Monday lovelies! Love yourself& be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

Activity: An activity that I found very helpful in giving myself a cleaner slate in pursuing my inner peace was self forgiveness. There is a forgiveness practice that i read about in Iyanla’s “Taoping the Power Within,” where for 7 days you list 35 things in the day that you need to forgive others for & at night, 35 things that you forgive yourself for. I did this & it took me a lpng time to get through it. In all honesty, the things I forgave others for that I thought I had, became less heavy on me, & to think of those instances now where I was hurt or dealt with less than amicably no longer hurt me or make me angry the way they used to. There is a sense of acceptance now that what happened happened & it is not a reflection of me but rather a reflection of them, & I no longer need to define my life based on those hurts. The same goes for the things I forgive myself for. I no longer need to live in the guilt of past choices that were not in my best interest & I can move on with peace knowing I am working on being a better me. This was & still is crucial for me, everyday, as I remind myself that I am forgiven & release the guilts that try to creep up every now & again in low times. Today, I challenge you to attempt the night time aspect of this practice but do it all day. Forgive yourself for the things that you may or may not have done & work towards releasing the guilt. In that you will find it easier to make right with the ones you’ve hurt and most importantly with yourself ♡☆♡☆

Quote: ” I’ve always wanted people to know who they are from the inside. Then they can create the life they desire and deserve. I’ve always believed that my job was to facilitate the evolution of the human consciousness.”- Iyanla Vanzant



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