In like a lamb…

Feb.16th, 2016

Good afternoon ♡

I hope we all enjoyed the long weekend spending time with family and loved ones. I hope you all arrive to your desitantions safe & sound today. This was an extra special weekend for me as I celebrated another year in Life. I am truly grateful for being alive, to think of the times I could’ve not made it, & looking at the blessings I have, I am thankful to still be here to enjoy them amd continue to pursue my dreams. A woman in my own personal Black history that I & shed light on & honor in my personal history is my Mother. My mother preserved through many a trial & rough time to make sure her family had everything we needed to make it. As my family tells me, she had an undying ambition, working to reach one goal, & then work towards another, always looking forward & not letting setbacks crush her Spirit. She left this world at the age I am now, & in honor of her memory, in honor of her ambition, that which kept me and my siblings going during the hardest of times, prayers & Love that brought me back from death’s door in my early years, I salute you Mommy & will continue to remember you & share all the Love you gave me. I love you. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

Activity : Take a moment today to remember someone in your life, here or passed on, that youcan say contributed to your present life in a positive way. Think of the ways they inspire you & focus on those positive energies, especially if you’re stuck in a rutt today ♡☆

Quote: “In like a lamb, out like a lion.”- Luvina Davis



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