Dance like no one is watching!


Good morning ♡

Today’s Feel Free Friday moment is about a young man I saw yesterday, dancing in the food court. Heading to get some sides to go with my homemade lunch, standing in line, I notice a guy just dancing away. No headphones, no music playing, but just dancing. And he looked so free 🙂 I had to smile as I know that feeling of hearing a song in your headband you just want to dance, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. I have done it myself, but this guy was like he was at a rave or something, sporadic because he was in lone but unscripted nonetheless. I asked him, “so what song do you have playing in your head today?” “None,” he said with a huge grin. Apparently he had just had a really great job interview for a very well known company and was just thrilled that it went well. He said he was feeling very optimistic. “I’m sorry if I’m making anyone uncomfortable but I am just so happy!”he said as he danced. I smiled and shared a moment with him & told him there was no need to apologize and that it’s refreshing to see someone so genuinely happy and dancing about it in public. I smiled and shared in his joy & wished him all the best that he get the job. We wished each other well & went about our day. I couldn’t stop smiling as I headed back to my office. To see someone filled with so much joy that they cannot contain it was so heartwarming &inspiring. Today,do a happy dance! Share some joy with someone and feel some peace! Have a great weekend! Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡


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