Mirror mirror on the wall!

Good morning ♡

What we feel within ourselves, about ourselves, subconsciously affects the way others see us and treat us. I really thought about it last night when examining certain readings and research. Yes, we are all accountable for our actions and just because we feel down doesn’t mean that we are asking to be mistreated, insulted, abused, or disrepsected. In the same breath, what we put out is what we get back. Ever notice how sometimes the same negative things we think about ourselves are the same things other will say to us about us? Are you feeling abandoned? Maybe you abandoned yourself in some way. Are you being insulted or treated negatively? Maybe you have been doing that to yourself subconsciously or even consciously. We must look at ourselves and evaluate if there is something inside that is reflecting this type of behavior or criticisms back to you from another person. Take heed of what you do for yourself. Looking for love? Love yourself,first. Hoping for a compliment or a promotion? Do it for yourself, first. When we project the best of ourselves and shine the light, it shines back on to us. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆


Mirror exercise: As we have stepped into a new year, and we reflect on our lives, let’s try the mirror exercise again. For those who remember this activity, great! For those who need a refresher or are new to this, here are the instructions: sit in front of a full length mirror, naked (stand in front of the bathroom one if u don’t have a full lenght mirror you can sit in front of); close your eyes and take some deep breaths, in through the nose, expanding your tummy, and out through the mouth; after a few breaths, open your eyes and look at yourself, lovingly (avoid the temptation to see your “imperfections” and criticize your love handles or stretch marks or whateverelse you don’t like about your body); from head to toe say out loud the things you love about your body. This time, we will add a twist. Not only should we say what we love about each part of our body, turn the love inward and say what we love about our personality, about strengths and areas of improvement,giving us a chance to embrace our entire self, in and out. When you are finished, hug yourself snuggly, say I love you, &open your eyes. Smile at yourself and feel the Love flow. It may take some time yo get through it all (took me many tries, especially because as years flowed I had to get up for tissue). But when you’re done, it is so worth that feeling of self care and love ♡☆♡☆♡☆

Quote : ” Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.”-Ernest Holmes



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