You are here for a reason!

Good morning ♡

We each have a purpose. There is something that we are each meant to do while we are travelling through this journey of life. Some may know what it is in their earlier years, & others may not recongize it until much later, but it’s there. But how do we fulfill it? Often times because we can’t see how exactly things will manifest or when, we dismiss the vision of what we want for our lives and replace it with only the things we can see. But there is akways a way. When we are rooted in the positive, when we seek out ways to do what is good on our path to living in our truth, you will be surprised at how doors begin opening. You will start to meet like-minded people, start tasks that will encourage you to pursue tour goals, and before you know it you will be on your way to fulfilling your true purpose. The silver lining is in the cloud. You dont always have to see eaxctly where your heart is leading you. You just have to believe. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

Action :

Here are my top 4 tips on how to stay focused while pursuing your goals and fulfilling your purpose;they really help me when I’m either upbeat and optimistic about my goals or when I’m feeling a lack of confidence:

1. Pray about it! How ever it is that you pray, seek connection with the Creator, with the Higher Power, do it. Keeping your Spirit connected and rooted will help keep you grounded when things seem bleek and you have lost some faith, and also when things are going great and you need to keep a humble demeanor.

2 Keep a journal of ypur progress. I have said this before and I say it again as it just as important as prayer. Why? Because when you keep a record of things, it gives your mind and Spirit the reminder that this is important! It is so important that you have to write down. And on good or not so good days, you can look at your notes and reflect on what you have done so far, things that require improvement, and and how you can make further progress. I have numerous journals that when I look back I’m amazed at how far I’ve come and it reminds me that if I’m still standing after all that, I can continue to make it!

3. Surround yourself with like-minded people. By including people in your circle that think like you, that are positive and doing their best to pursue what is truly good (because some poeple say they want good but only as it applies to them, it doesn’t matter who they crush to get there). Keep a close circle of friends and loved ones and if applicable, professional colleagues, that are genuinely involved in the process of your growth, that remind you to keep your head up when you feel like you’re slipping. It’s always good to have people around you to give you a push in the right direction, especially when you aren’t aware that you may be going down a non-productive path. This makes a world of difference in your levels of confidence and pushes you when you don’t feel so sure of yourself.

4. Know your worth!!!! This is soooo crucial! When we know our worth, value ourselves, and accept ourselves as we are, flaws and all, we can see and accept that we may not always make the right decisions, but we are human, can do better each time, and are worthy to be travelling this journey. We are here! Embrace yourself and give thanks for who the Creator made you to be!

I hope you find these helpful. Sonetimes I have those moments when I want to do nothing and feel like there is no hope. Then I remember these tips I have shared with you today and I remember that there is always a choice: choose to wallow in disappointments and setbacks or look towards a furture that can be bright if I am bright. Let your light shine and believe in yourself! Feel free to share some of your own helpful tips in the comments section! ♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆4dbd03bd2b602ebbd490df606c534096.jpg


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