All you have to do is smile!

Good morning ♡

Today’s Feel Free Friday moment is: Mr. Happy! Some mornings, I treat myself to a Starbucks latte. Usually the same team work at the drinks bar mixing the drinks after you order. They are very cordial and welcoming, and always make the experience a pleasant one. Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised at the new person on the team at the bar. Yes his unconventional style caught my eye, but what got me was what his nametag read: Mr. Happy! It made me really smile, that genuine happy smile, and I looked around to see if it was something everyone was doing with their name tags, you know, writing something cute and funny to arouse positive responses from customers. They weren’t. This made smile even more, as it was out of the ordinary. Needless to say, this guy made everyone smile and spread so much positivity and happiness with not only his name tag but with his customer service. While I waited for my drink, he said to the the other ladies waiting that a smile is necessary for service. He said that with a big smile of his own of course, and instantly they started cheesing! Smiles spread form ear to ear, even me who was already smiling (I do that daily as much as possible to spread love through me and to lighten other folk’s droopy early morning expressions). He made our drinks and bid us a good day. I was really impressed by the “new guy”that I went back later and asked if he wouldn’t mind to take a picture to go with my blog as his name tag and demeanor inspired for my Friday write up. He asked about my blog and I told him about the He then shocked me with, “Ah, I’ve heard of your blog! I would love to pose for a shot; I’m a photographer so this is right up my alley!” And while making a drink he let me take a photo. I thanked him for the inspiration and we exchanged instagrams. He is an amazing photographer by the way, very edgey and mysterious. It’s absoultely refreshing to see others genuinely doing things that are inspiring to others. He told me that is why he writes his name tag like that, so that others can smile and feel good, to spread posisitvuty. So cheers to Mr. Happy! Thank you for making my latte yesterday morning and thank you for spreading Joy to your customers, not only with good Joe, but with the true meaning of service with a smile 🙂 Love yourself and be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

Action : Do something today that will make someone else smile. Give love to someone by simply adding some Joy to their day and feel the upliftment of that moment. It’s addictive so don’t be surprised if you find yourself seeking more and more ways to spread Joy!

Quote: “Be the reason someone smiles today,”- CS Wade20151217_144623-1


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