The Box of Positivity

Good morning ♡

Happy Friday! I had to take some time off but I am back with some positive words for you all for the week’s end♡

Today’s morning daily come from my morning Positivity Box (find out more about how to make your own at From this box, I pick words, quotes, chakras, & phrases out that give me a boost throughout the day. My daughter and I each have one and we choose words and phrases that give us reminders of what positive vibes to foucs on throughout the day. My phrase today phrase was, “Remember to love yourself through the struggle.” Each and every one of us have something that we either go through daily or have gone through and have made it through to the silver lining. When you are down in the dumps, the easiest thing to do is to beat yourself up, to kick yourself when you are down. Yes, we must evaluate our mistakes and not-so-good choices, but we also have to be gentle enough with ourselves to understand the lesson and move forward with a hope that we will make it. My Positivity Box helps me do this daily, giving me gentle reminders to stay away from beating myself down in times of despair and hopelessness (we all have those moments), and to build myself up, whether through prayer, mediation, exercise, reading a Bible verse or another text that feeds the Spirit.  This way when trouble arises, I can quickly retreat in my mind and heart to revive the Joy and look towards the positive and not focus on the negative. When I say Love yourself & be yourself,  I really mean those words. Please remember to do that♡ Have a great weekend! Peace & Love ♡ ☆

Action : How to make your pwn Positivity Box:

1. Get a box (could be a shoe box, an old gift box; your lpcal dsiscoint store has a nice selection of boxes to chose from if you don’t have any at home).

2. Decorate it! You can draw flowers, paint it your favourite color, paste photos or clip outs of things that inspire you, anything that will lift your Spirit just by looking at it.

3. Fill it with positivity : on pieces of paper, write some positive words, phrases, & quotes, that inspire you to feel great. Here are some ideas:

“Today, I will smile alot!”;

“I love me!”;

“Positive vibrations! “;

“Through everything, pray!”;

“Rememebrr to make time today to feed your Spirit”

“Exercise! “;

“Rememebr to practice forgiveness”,etc.

You can also visit internet sites that have lists pf positive quotes that you can also add to your box.

4. And your done! Now, each morning, before you get up and brush your teeth, say a quick prayer of thanks and choose a slip of paper (or two or three slips; I like to chose up to 3, depending on how I feel that morning, I might need a big dose of upful reminders, especially when the bed just feels like it wants to kidnap me from the world). An important thing to remember is to not look while you pick the paper. If you look, you are more prone to choose what you want or think you need,  rather what what you actually need. The key is to let Spirit guide you to what is needed. So if that means closing your eyes then close them! It also makes it more fun and you don’t always know what you’re gonna get.  Shuffle the papers before choosing to mix it up a bit. There may be days where you get the same papers. It may just mean that you need to focus on that positive vibe. And have fun doing it! If you want to take it a step further,  take some time during the day if you can or in the evening, and write what your experience has been for the day and how the Positive word, phrase, or quote was helpful for you.  This can helpyou visualize the effect it had on you and your situation for the day. Peace and blessings! ♡☆♡☆♡☆♡


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