Feel Free Friday!

Good morning ♡

Feel Free Friday!

It’s another Feel Free Friday! Feel free to message me or post comments on my blog site with your positive thoughts and stories. You may be an inspiration to someone else reading; we all have that within us that which can inspire someone else,even if we don’t know it. My Feel Free story of the day is: yesterday, while on my lunch break, I felt a Joy. A deep sense of Joy spread through me as I said thank you for each breath I took. I was thinking of things and people and situations that make me happy and it made me want to just share that with someone else.  Particularly,  I was thinking of random acts of kindness and how it’s always fun to see people’s reactions to a good deed when they least expect it. While paying for my afternoon snack, the women behind me were chatting and I happened to hear one woman say she had to use her debit card to buy her drink. I, too, was using my debit card, but what got me was when she said, “I am going to really enjoy my free lunch! ” as her friend had bought her meal. I thought, “Self, what if you….” and I said to the cashier to add her drink to my bill. I thought she heard me as she reached close by to pick up a magazine, but her reaction after realizing I paid for her drink was evidence that she hadn’t.  Her jaw dropped and she was so grateful.  “Thank you!”she said and smiled,  and I wished and good day and to enjoy her lunch.  It felt good to impart some more joy into someone else’s life. Not only did it surpirse her and bring another smile to her face, but it did something inside me too: it increased my joy tenfold, and i could feel my heart swelling with good feelings of positivity and Love. I gave thanks for it,especially knowing that it was an added expense for me, but I didnt care about that.  It jist felt good to do something positive fornsomeone else, especially someone else I didn’t know.  It’s easy to give Love to those that Love you, those that know you, but what about those who don’t? What about those who you don’t know and don’t Love you? It takes great courage to be oepen like that with people even in the face of trials and uncertainty. Have a great weekend everyone!  Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

Action: Perform a Random Act of Kindness today and be the reason a total stranger shares a smile 🙂 ♡☆

Quote: “Love freely.” – LadyDee


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