When it’s cold outside. ..

Good morning ♡

I’m sure those of us who drive and don’t park in a garage,  had the lovely duty of having to scrape frost or even snow off of our cars this morning. Winter is coming! Brrrrrrr! The cold is shocking to our bodies but it wakes up our hearts even more, to pump more wamrth through our bodies raising the temperatures inside to warm up the outside! Just like Love. Let the love we have for life, the joy we have deep somewhere in our souls, come closer to the surface and warm us up♡ Let that fire burn bright and lead the way today. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆


When cold days in life approach, we have the tendency to want to curl up under the covers of sadness or depressed moods and not move. The warm blankets seduce us into wanting to close our eyes and stay there for as long as we want. But today, challenge yourself to wake up! Let that coldness shock you into popping open your eyes and getting out of bed. When you feel that sadness creeping back up, think of at least one thing that is good and build on that thought. Think and verbalize to yourself the goodness of that thing, person, moment, etc, and build on it. Distract yourself from the cold and focus om that inner warmth. It is time to believe in you! It is time to trust in the powers that live within you and be brave. You can do it!


Poem: J.O.Y. – Journey of You

Breath flows though my body


My eyes opened to view another sunrise


I have movement in all my limbs to get up and go


Love beats in my heart


It’s beautiful when we find even the simple things to be grateful for,

Because we realize they are not so simple,

But simply majestic,

Living in this journey of you



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