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The concept of self-acceptance seems so obvious. We should accept ourselves. We should embrace all that we are, the positive and the negative, working on ways to always increase the positive and acknowledging the negative to make room for improvement when needed.  Often times we don’t. Sometimes we think we do, but deep down we don’t. We judge ourselves harshly and over-criticize the things we do or don’t do. A lot of that stems from a lack of what we believe in ourselves. We may believe deep down that we are not enough or that we can never be what we truly want to be. But if we take a step back, look at all the things that make us Us, we will find that we do have all that we need to make our lives full, to live & love the way we were created to, and are worthy to experience the fullness of every experience life has to offer us. It has always been there. We just have to be at peace with who we are, accepting one’s self. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆


Make a list of things that you feel hold you back from experiencing the fullness of you life (i.e. financial struggles, dysfunctional relationships, dead end job, poor self esteem, etc). It could be as long as you want  (you could even take time to do one thing a day and make the list over the course of this week). Once completed,  next to each thing on your list,  write what you want to do or feel. Hold on to that action or feelong and keep that with you. Everytime you feel yourself slipping back into doubt or fear, remember the actual feeling or task that you want.  Let that be what motivates you into moving forward to your goal. Accept that you can do it and that you have what it takes!

Quote: “Peace comes from within, not from without.”- Gautama Buddha


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