Smile A While :-)

Good morning ♡

Smile! It does wonders for the soul and reminds you of hope. There will always be an obstacle or situation to work through and overcome.  But take a moment to smile and feel Joy. Your Spirit will be uplifted and you will brighten the day of someone else who may be findinf it hard to smile, reminding them that Goodness and Joy are still possible in times of despair. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

Action :

This practice today is simple: SMILE!!!! It will feel awkward at first because you may not know what to amile about. But there ia always something.  It could be past or present, but there is always something to feel Joyous about (i.e. memories of times that brought you laughter, accomplishments and goals that you have met, Life, Love, etc ).  When you find yourself stewing about sad situations or uncontrollable events, give yourself a smile and move into a new and more positive thought.

Quote :

“Peace begins with a smile.”-Mother Teresa


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