Let it grow!

Good morning ♡

Monday has greeted us yet again, so let’s give thanks! Thank you to those who shared with me their experiences of growth om Feel Free Friday 🙂 For thise that didn’t, that’s okay. There isbalways this Friday. As we enter a new week, I ask this question: How does a seed grow? It is covered in darkness, shielded from any outside noises or weathering. It’s in this time of darkness and quiet where it receives it’s nurturing, where it receives it’s water for growth. And as it grows, it pushes through the mud, the soil, the dirt, worms and all other things that have surrounded it. These roots don’t destroy the dirt but yet they make use of it and take only what they need from it, and then…..Light! Sunlight gives more warmth, more nuturing, allowing the plant to grow taller and greener and eventually providing some form of nourishment to others. I encourage you today that whatever  darkness has you feeling like there may be no way out, use it to take time to grow. It can be painful, it can tiresome and feel hopless. But be patient. Nuture your seed and before you know you will be a beautiful plant soaking in the sun and not only being good for you, but also good for others. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

Action: Today, I  encourage you to meditate. Take a moment today and tap in to your soul. In the silence you will be able to hear your heart and Spirit speaking to you,  giving you guidance as to what you your next steps should be, and even some encouragement. You will be able to find some peace in whatever it is that plagues you ♡☆

Quote: ” Be not afraid of growing slowly; be afraid only of standing still.” – Chinese Proverb


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