Believe in yourself!

Good morning ♡

What do you believe? What do you believe to be the truth of yourself? As we go through life, we have the tendency to allow circumstances and situations, especially the negative ones, to shape what we think of ourselves, allowing such circumsatnces to define us. But how is that ever helpful, to give ourselves a “bad wrap”deep down, feeling like a failure or as though we would be better off elsewhere, living someone else’s life? It’s why some of us end up feeling like we have been living a lie, not being true to ourselves.  When we start to acknowlege our core beings and the truth of our worthiness, the truth of being lovable, the truth of being amazing and wonderfully created with the ability to anything great that we set our minds to, we can really begin to feel the realness of our lives. We can begin to feel most like ourselves and soar to our highest levels of self, fulfilling our truest purposes. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

Action :

Today, think about what situations may have contributed to a negative thought or belief that you may have of yourself. With that belief, give yourself the opposite thought. For example, change,  “I feel inadequate, ” to “I am fully capable of….” Take the time to reinvent what you think of yourself and should you start to feel down or beat up on yourself, take a deep breath and remind yourself that hurting yourself won’t help you feel better. Give yourself Love through the process and live in the truth that you can do this! You are Love at your deepest level.

Quote: ” The biggest journey we can ever go on is the 13″ from mind to heart” – anonymous


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