Patience is a virtue

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The saying that patience is a virtue is very telling of the value of waiting. Now, this can very well be misconstrued as sitting and doing nothing, waiting for something to happen. But it’s not necessarily the lack of action but rather the actions we do while we wait. Faith is a huge component of this concept, and one must work towards a calmness, a sense of well being that eleviates stress and allows one to feel closer to one’s self. This can make the period of waiting most valuable in that you become more humble upon receiving the thing you were waiting for.


Patience practice: waiting in a long line up today? Instead of getting annoyed, take a deep breath and take your mind to a more productive thought as opposed to “Hurry up!” Stuck in traffic? Put on one of your favorite CDs to relieve some stress. The old saying that says, “you can’t be late twice,” rings true here. It’s not the waiting part that makes a difference but rather what ypu do while you wait. Find a productive way to pass the time and let the stresses melt away.


I was waiting for you

Waiting for someone special to come along

For something radical to appear

I became impatient,

Felt the angst build up in my soul

And take control of what made me whole

But when I focused on what matters most

The energies changed

And before I knew it

There it was

Here I am

Here is my something special.

  • -LadyDee.

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