Positive vibrations! ☆

Good morning ♡

Positive vibrations! Meditate on what is good, because what you think of is what you will speak of, and what you speak of is what you will bring to your heart and what you bring to your heart is what will manifest itself in ypur life. So think of what’s good and speak on what is good so that you will always feel what is good and see what is good.


Think about a situation you are facing that is causing you to think and feel negative.  Now, for each negative feeling, envision yourself feleing the opposite and embrace that as though it is real. Feel the goodness and calm that comes with the positive feeling &  put your energies towards making that vision a reality. It starts with You.

Quote/Poem: “Say you just can’t live that negative way,…make way for a positive day!”- Bob Marley


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