The Scales of Life

Good morning ♡

In everything there is a positive and a negative. When faced with a situation or predicament that tests your emotions, take a look at what benefit can come of it and what loss can come of it. Weighing out each will help you balance your emotions in a way that will help you gain a more peaceful outlook on the situation and help you to move forward. Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆


Try today to make a choice that will help you feel better about anything you are facing. Is there a trouble with the kids? At work? In your relationships? What are the good things from this ( you can see where things are not in sync and make ways to change them)? What are the negative connotations of this (the situations are making you doubt what you once knew or thought to be true about those involved). Weigh it out and focus on the good of situation.  I  know this can be very challenging as you think, “where is the good in my child acting out at school?” or “what is good about losing my job ?” Maybe it’s time to reevaluate the way you deal with your child’s behavior and change may be needed. Maybe losing your job is preparing you to begin fulfilling your true purpose. Focus on the good and reap the benefits.


“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer


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