To have it you have to be it☆

To obtain a goal in life, one must embody the characteristics that will attract and/or create that goal. Today’s goal and every day after this day is to obtain and maintain Peace. Peace: freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. Why is this important? In our everyday lives we are constantly faced with the pressures of having to do some thing. We are always thinking of ways to stay busy and yet feigning for ways to have less to do. To be at peace, the first step is to be still. Be still & listen. Listen to that inner voice that guides you to that quiet place within, and take a moment to embrace it.  When you come back to the movement of everyday life, be thankful to know that at anytime you can retreat to that place of serenity and solitude to help you in getting to a place of tranquility to deal with the pressures of this life.  Love yourself & be yourself. Peace & Love ♡ ☆

Activity: Meditation

To do this,  find a quiet place and sit with your eyes closed. Don’t feel pressure to have to sit cross legged in a room with incense and candles.  This is helpful but not always attainable depending where you are. Today is step one in teaching yourself how to be still and focus on that stillness while being comfortable.  As you sit, focus on your breath, breathing slowly and methodically.  Inhale.  Exhale. Feel the way your body feels as you do this and relax each muscle in your body as you exhale. Let any tension melt away and let the peacefulness of the moment grow. Start with just 2mins today to get used to the feel of being still and quiet (you can set a timer).  Once your 2mins are up take a moment to reflect on what you felt.  Maybe now your outlook has grown into a more clearer perspective. Maybe you feel lighter from the burden of your stresses. Maybe you just feel sleepy 🙂 all or one or some is okay.  But the goal is to feel less stress because now you have taken time to replenish your Spirit. Find time to do this daily, increasing the length of time, and feel the benefits of staying connected Spiritually.


“Meditate on what is good, because what you think of is what you will sepak of, and what you speak of is what you will bring to your heart and what you bring to your heart is what will manifest itself in ypur life. So think of what’s good and speak on what is good so that you will always feel what is good and see what is good. ” – LadyDee3410


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